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“I looked at Adrian Peterson’s play.” Miller told reporters, “He is a great running guard, and it has been great for several years. If he can join us, then it is good. His leadership can help the team, I can also learn from him. “

In addition, there is a ram coach may follow Steler to Lightning: Kevin O’Donol (Kevin O & # 39; Connell). According to Perry Riro, the ram attack coordinator is considered to be able to join the lightning as the same position. But such a flat-level hopping requires first, the company is licensed by the coach McDo. If Okangnol stays in the ram, then the current offensive coordinator Shaun Steichen may continue to teach.

“Chris Johnson” said: “I think if he serves a first week from the first week, then the result will be great. After he came to the team, the main job is to help Kino-Smith ( Geno Smith, but the result is as seen. “Johnson’s most costly competition this season is the game with the Chief of Kansas City, and Vic is in the game.

2014 regular season thirteenth week official team strength listLet’s take a look at the end of the 13th week, the strength ranked by the Nfl Jerseys teams, the package workers rose to the top of this Zhou Liqi, and the raid is the first victory after the season. , Fell back to the deputy team. After entering the last 1/4 schedule of this season, the United States and the United Kingdom card compete for white heat, except for the lightning 8 wins and 4 losses, the Texas people 6 wins and 6 losses, there are more than 6 teams of teams and 5 losses. Although the state of the United States has no world chaos, the package workers, the eagle, and the red scitch three teams are 9 wins and 3 losses, the genitals and home advantages are the focus of competition. Here is the full list:

Time controlsRepresenting 49 people’s first first start, quartz Guiji-Garobolo averaged 2.96 seconds, this week, the third length is the third length. Although the passing time is longer, Poland plays the best level when shooting.

We are curious, how many jet players and Johnson hold the same point of view. If Smith is completely unable to get the trust of teammates, the high level of the team must be active. In the next few weeks, Vic will continue to serve the first hair, and he needs to seize the opportunity to prove himself. The jet top layer also needs to consider another problem. If Vic can continue this state to the end of the season, who is the first quarter of the season next season?

[Everyday NFL] Julio – Jones

Reunion in the venue

The last Falcon and Viking’s battle returned to the first week of the 2015 season, when Viking Corner, Shavier Rhodes restricted Hilio Jones, let him only got 62.5 pass score. This week, the situation is still, Jones once again, Rodes only allows Jones to catch a four times.

Johnson: Wickben can help the team to win more gamesLast week’s victory gave the New York jet’s team’s big confidence, some players didn’t seem to have a bad reason. This week’s interesting topic is too “if Michael Vick is from the first week”, many jet players also published their own opinions.

Under Steel Guidance, many ram defensive players hit a career new high & mdash; & mdash; Leonard Floyd (10.5 times), Morgan Fox (6.0 times ) And Troy Reeder (3.0) & mdash; & mdash; other defenders Michael Brockers’s murder is the second good career. The progress of Freud is especially eye-catching because he is considered a first round of water delivery during the effectiveness of Chicago, but after coming to the ram, it has achieved flying progress.

Exposure Antonio – Brown hopes to solve the problem of field issues to return to NFL as soon as possibleAccording to informed people, although he would not play in NFL last month, the external handle Antonio Brown (Antonio Brown) wanted to solve the field problem so that it can return to the game as soon as possible.

DirectishTitan Runwand This week’s is the highest efficiency, each advancement of 1 yard requires only 2.35 yards, and the Tiger running 卫 伯德德 costs 2.77 yards to advance 1 yards in the second.

Brown in September 22, “will not play again in NFL,”, he said that part of the reason is that there is no salary that is paid. However, his broker said that he thought that he thought Brown still wanted to play.

This season is the ranch season since 1975, and the ram field made the opponent into 273.3 yards, and 9.6 points. The performance of the ram defensive group allows other teams to see Store’s excellent ability.

Pittsburgh steel people take over Matvis – Bryant pulls the top of this week’s competition to fight & mdash; & mdash; speed is 21.72 miles. Tennesi Titan runs to Derrick Henry flexed seconds 21.64 miles.

Face pressure alsoThe crow quartz Wei Qiao-Vlaco Sunday’s two pass reaches in the game of the lions were taken in the face of pressure. He also suffered the highest raid rate since the last two seasons.

Last season, Texas ran to Miller and Azoin Di Di Tower – Folman (D & RSQUO; ONTA Foreman) did not achieve the results of the 100-yard 100 yards. Piteson in the six games of the rickets, twice a 130+ code. Although the body status of age and decline limits Peterson, his skills and experience can help him become an excellent supplementary guard.

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