Crystal Bowls Sound Bath / Sound Healing w/ Guy Douglas (unintended ASMR) Yoga Videos on Whateverlife

Enjoy this incredibly special no talking Crystal Bowls Sound Bath / Sound Healing w/ Guy Douglas featuring crystal bowls, gong and some really nice unintended ASMR. Great for relaxing at home, anxiety relief and sleep or just general quarantine n’ chill.

The first video in our series features Guy and his partner Raven, using crystal bowls, gongs and a variety of instruments to deliver a soothing, lush and hypnotic soundscape. This video is certain to help viewers attain a meditative mind, provide anxiety relief and calm the mind using the power of healing vibrations.

Keep track of all of our Sound Healing videos on our playlist here:

Stay tuned as we continue a new sound healing video each Saturday in our quest of offer a full library of sound therapy and healing music videos for our YouTube viewers around the globe.

About Guy Douglas:

Guy Douglas, Music director of “Sound Meditation Presents”, has been working with gongs and other sound healing instruments for over 15 years.

He’s been involved with the healing power of music his entire life: writing, recording, producing and performing. He believes in an the eastern philosophy of music that helps clear dormant pathways to open the heart.

Guy Douglas co-founded the original Conduit Center in 2008, the first center for sound healing on the east coast. He’s also the creator of The Breathwork Sound Bath, The Gong Chair, Gong Flow Yoga and The Holistic Chamber of Sound.

Since moving to California, he’s performed at hundreds of events, and gonged thousands of people- and loved every last one of them.

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