These girls shaved their faces — you won’t believe what happened next!!

Girls shaving: A funny concept…

See the YouTube video below…these girls shaved their faces — you won’t believe what happened next!!

A few college girls went crazy and decided to shave their faces to try and spark a new trend in the fashion world.  It started as a silly idea and they said they just wanted to feel the difference after shaving. As they applied the cream, some girls started giggling from the scent of the cream. When interviewed, one of the girls stated that her boyfriend had stubble and it hurt her thighs –so she wanted to shave her facial hair to see the difference in the feel of the skin.

In the past, shaving for girls was considered a taboo however women have always shaved their arm pits and other parts of their bodies. Doctors have recently discovered that many women have decided to shave to exfoliate the skin on the face. After shaving, the girls felt different about their facial skin. It appeared to be smooth, versatile and soft.  On reflection, they they debated on its pros and cons.

Check the hysterical video below:


Newspapers have reported about the new fad among the girls as some claim it will delay the ageing process. Is it true? Doctors say that Girls shaving their faces is an unnatural habit and there’s no evidence that it has any effect on aging.

The biggest drawback of shaving is that the skin secretes hormone called androgen that leads to its thickening over a period of time. For women, permanent hair removal is probably a better solution. Women’s skin is delicate and has less collagen than men’s — therefore extra care should be taken by them.

A word of advice from the doctors: If you are shaving for the time, the skin might get quite irritated resulting in red rashes across the face. Ethically and morally women can shave but waxing and laser are still the best alternatives.

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