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Practice free Yoga Free Yoga Videos online

Yoga enthusiasts around the global are hungry for authentic yoga instruction. However, in most parts of the world, it’s nearly impossible to find good yoga teachers from real lineages. As Yoga addicts, the Whateverlife team has spent untold hours surveying dozens of YouTube channels. We finally discovered, One Yoga channel producing videos in Los Angeles, Sydney, New York, London and other Yoga hotspots called Heart Alchemy Yoga. Founded by renowned Yoga Teacher Michelle Goldstein, Heart Alchemy has put together a roster of teachers that is hard to beat in terms of authenticity.

As such, Whateverlife has formed a partnership with Heart Alchemy and we’ll be bringing select videos from Heart Alchemy’s teachers to our Whateverlife fans.

Here’s one of Heart Alchemy’s most recent videos:

As we see it, lack of access to quality yoga means people around the world are deprived. As curators, we aim to provide the best free yoga videos on the web – so people do not have to leave home to learn from some of the world’s greatest teachers.

Even in big cities, although there are numerous advantages due to live Yoga teacher, videos can still play a huge contribution in giving people a range of practices from around the globe.

Free Yoga Videos play a very important role in providing stability to the brain as practitioners can use the practice to balance the neurological system and help to enhance the lifestyle of the person. Balanced living is the key to a healthy life, which is one of the key benefits of yoga.

Heart Alchemy’s videos releases the stress of the body and provides deep relaxation of the muscles. As a result, blood flow is enhanced and people enjoy peace of mind. If the mind is stress free, you can make better decisions to face the challenges of life.

Even though much of their focus is on intermediate and advanced practices, for beginner’s there are a wide range of videos taught by teachers such as JQ Williams in Los Angeles:

By following the poses in the videos, you are able to strengthen the body, mind and spirit.  Moreover, it’s also possible to get relief from back pain without joining an expensive yoga classes or online subscription service as in the video below:

So with that, we’re hope you’re excited as we are to welcome Heart Alchemy Yoga as a partner of Whateverlife. We’re looking forward to bringing you tons of videos from every yogic lineage. We hope this program will help you in your physical, mental and/or spiritual development. Here’s a link to Heart Alchemy Yoga so you can see all their videos:: http://youtube.com/heartalchemyyoga


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