Mellow Yoga Flow with Ali Owens Yoga Videos on Whateverlife

A sweet and mellow yoga flow class to gently open, strengthen and heal your body.

Join Ali on a weekend long retreat to Los Angeles this 4th of July! You can practice with her while exploring the diverse yoga, health, fitness and wellness offerings of LA. More info at

An international yoga and meditation teacher, Ali Owens is known for her innovative teaching style and ability to create a safe environment for students of all levels to learn and thrive. Praised for her mindfulness and approachable technique, her passion lies in leading international retreats. She just launched her own business, myOm retreats, because she loves to travel and create an experience for students to dive deeper into their practice while being immersed in a new culture.

Ali first tried yoga as a way to recuperate from her long days as a professional dancer. Not only did she discover that it improved her dancing, she fell in love with the way yoga deepened her awareness and unified the connection between her mind and body. She was inspired to share this powerful practice with others, so that they could lead lives filled with peace, empowerment, and wellness.

A wife, mother, world traveler, and nature enthusiast, Ali calls Los Angeles home, where she offers public classes. You can practice with her online via or and she is a contributing writer for MindBodyGreen, Yoga Journal and Chalkboard Magazine. When she isn’t teaching, Ali can be found dancing, cooking, giving back to her community, and spending time with her family. More info at or on social media @aliomyoga.

Ali Owens Handstand Flow

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