My HUSBAND Matt Works for the YOUTUBE HACKER! (Game Master Secret Meet inside Escape Room) Gamemaster videos on WhateverLife

Rebecca Zamolo found that her husband Matt might be working for the Spy Hacker with new evidence and clues during a secret meeting inside an escape room. Matt and Rebecca just completed the giant slip n slide challenge in their backyard to test the Merrell twin telepathy to see if they should join the game master network. Now they are confused on who to bring to meet with the GM. They couldn’t decide so they put a poll out on instagram and let you decide. Kurt wins and now they can test him in real life. They go to Kurt’s house and Matt test his lock picking skills while Rebecca and Daniel sneak upstairs. They discover on Kurt’s iPhone that he has been talking to Matt and the Red Hood. When they come down to confront him they are missing. Daniel put a tracking device on Matt so they follow them to an Escape room. In there Kurt and Matt have a secret meeting about working with the Red Hood. What will happen in the next 24 hours? Thanks for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!

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