Nikon Z6 and Z7 The Nikon Z6 vs Z7: What’s the difference?

In comparing two brand new cameras released by Sony, you’ll find that the two cameras are quite similar. Although the specs of both models are nearly identical, the key difference is in the sensor. The Z7 features higher resolution as well as better performance. On the other hand, the Z6 has more control over exposure and a faster FPS. The Z7 is also equipped with an EH-7P adapter for charging.

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If you’re a big fan of pixels it’s best to go for Z 7 Z 7 because of its more megapixels as well as a larger ISO range. However, if you’re more interested in photography of landscapes and videos The Nikon Z6 can offer the most flexibility as well as a less expensive price tag. This is an excellent camera to get started or those looking to get more knowledgeable about taking photos.

Before deciding between the two cameras, think about the importance of image quality to you. The Z6 is smaller in resolution, making it more suitable for event and sports photography rather than landscapes. Both cameras are equipped with the best sensor, while the Z7 costs more. The processor called EXPEED6 can be shared between both cameras, which allows them to produce images of similar high-quality.


The Z6 performs faster than Z7’s Z7 because of its more pixel count. Nikon Z6 features a bigger optical viewfinder and Z7 one that is optical. The Z6 provides the complete coverage of 100%, and the Z7 features a 3.2-inch, vertically-tilting LCD touchscreen. Both cameras are high-resolution as well as a resolution equal to 1 million dots.

Both models offer image stabilization in-camera. Both cameras have a contrast-sensitive sensor. However, the Z6 uses a hybrid sensor. The Z7 has 493 AF points, compared to the 273 on Z6. Both cameras are similar in terms of batteries. The Z7 is the most powerful among the two cameras, however it costs more in comparison to the Z6. The Z6 is better for casual use, while the Z7 is better for sports.

Autofocus is what makes the different between the two cameras. Both cameras come with superb autofocus features, however the Z7 is more appropriate for certain scenarios. Its smaller pixel count will make it better suited for event and sports photography. The Z7 is better for still-life photos and landscapes. However, the sensor size is the biggest difference between these two cameras, so the Z6 has the edge.


Both cameras have similar image quality. The Z6 has higher resolution, however the Z7 has a lower amount of pixels. Both cameras are superior in autofocus. They also are smaller in megapixels over the Z6. Autofocus on the Z7 can recognize a wider range of subject matter, making it ideal for sports as well as sports photography.

Although the Nikon Z7 has a higher number of pixels but it is the Nikon Z6 offers lower-resolution videos. The sensor in the Nikon Z7 costs more than the sensor in the Z6. It can produce poor-quality images. The higher pixel count makes it more valuable for event and wedding photographers. It has more options to wedding and event photographers than Z7. Z7 However, it’s also more costly.

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For those who want higher quality images with their cameras should consider the Z7 an even more robust sensor. The Z7 comes with an AF system that’s better than the Z6’s It is also better designed for videography and not so much for still photography. The small amount of distinctions make it difficult to pick a winner. Aside from the sensor size Z7 also has a larger sensor size. Z7 has a higher pixel count and has a smoother focus shift.

The Z7 comes with higher resolution and additional features, it’s priced a bit higher than the Z6. This Nikon Z7 is available in Europe for more than three months. In comparison, the Nikon Z6 is a better option for wildlife and sports photographers. The Z7 is ideal for video. However, you need to think about your requirements and budget prior to making your final choice.

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