OMG this SketchShe parody of Bohemian Rhapsody might be the funniest thing we’ve seen in 2015!

SketchShe Parody of Bohemina Rhopsody had us ROTFLOAO!!

One fine day three Australian girls  combined together to form the SKETCHSHE comedy group and released a Sketchers Parody of the Wayne’s World scene featuring Bohemian Rhapsody, originally sung by Queen . In the video, the girls lip sync ala Wayne’s World – yet the video is sped up in a slight fast forward. The ridiculous video went viral quickly after its launch and has more than 16 million hits to date. SKETCHSHE members include SHAE-LEE, Madison and Lana who have performed precision acting  lip-syncing in the video.

Whether it was the clapping of hands or wobbling of heads, the video invoked side splitting laughter from our WL video team. True to their reputation, the comedy group has carved out its own niche among the social media users. Sketchers Parody has won millions of admirers round the globe as is evident from the massive number of comments on the youtube channel.

With the sped up nature of the video, the amazing acting of three girls has left people dumbfounded.  The trio are now famous and it’s said they bring fun as well as chaos wherever they go.


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