Prenatal Yoga Yoga With Adriene videos on WhateverLife

I am happy to announce that PRENATAL YOGA With Adriene is now finally available!…

Prenatal Yoga is one of our most requested videos, so when my dear friend Hilah (of Hilah Cooking) got pregnant we knew that we had to come together and collaborate!

The YWA Prenatal Program is made, with love, for real women of all backgrounds. I, along with my dear friend Hilah, welcome all new mother's to the practice!

In this special series for new mothers, we take a real approach to the prenatal practice and leave room for listening, improvising and individual modifications.

These offerings are designed to support the new mother, to hug her, nurture her and even make her laugh too.

Prenatal Yoga offers many gifts for pregnancy and beyond! The physical practice assists in embracing changes in the body as well as alleviating common discomforts related to pregnancy.

I'm proud of the project and had a blast with Hilah, as always. I believe the tools will allow mothers to be to create an experience at home that will assist in creating a more positive pregnancy and hopefully help to subside some of the worries of labor and delivery.



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