Spending 24 HOURS in Disguise! 🕵🏻 (Going Undercover to find Game Master Clues) Gamemaster videos on WhateverLife

New BEST FRIENDS SONG Reveals SECRET Hidden Cameras in HOUSE! (24 Hour Music Video Challenge)
Rebecca Zamolo spent 24 hours overnight in disguise after escaping from the Hacker Mansion.

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Last time Rebecca Zamolo spent 24 hours trapped inside hacker mansion! (game master vs. quadrant battle royale) and Matt and Rebecca uploaded 24 hours trapped inside tiny house at mystery location (game master missing at 3am) then came back to the Los angeles safehouse. Today, Rebecca and Matt go undercover in disguise after their cameraman Daniel warns them about the mysterious drones spying on them. It could be a hacker controlling them while they were trapped for a 24 hour overnight challenge at 3am! Hopefully we can reveal the new game master leader and make sure he is ok. We need to get the prizes for the zamfam and discover the secret hidden location of the red hood. In order to win and stay hidden we have to use our spy ninja skills to sneak into the stores or destroy the cameras with ninja gadgets if necessary! We were starting to get hungry so we spent almost $10,000 on food. Something seems pretty suspicious about this however, are we being pranked? We didn’t order any soda. We escaped back to our house to make sure we are safe. We discover Q waiting for us and he wants to join the game master network. Suddenly Daniel’s iPhone is hacked by the red hood. Could this be another battle royale between Rebecca, Matt, the Quadrant and the game master? Thank you for watching my PG entertainment comedy videos for in 2019!

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