Taylor Swift’s “Style” music video is artistic and stunning

The new music video for “Style” shows that Swift and her sweetheart are picking up the pieces of their off and on relationship. In the Style music video Swift and her man are obsessing over memories of each other – the lyrics also show signs of a similar conflict – just before the pair are reunited at the end, before the video fades out. It is amongst the handful of songs which tells a subtextual story about Swift’s ex-boyfriend Harry Styles of One Direction. Asides from this, the unique dresses Taylor wore in the Style video have really helped the artsy concept shine.

In a very ethereal and dream-like segment, it looked as if the singer was somehow a part of the elements as portraits of the smoke and woods filled her body and showed here almost as a goddess –  dancing around as faces and other images were projected onto her.

On the other hand, critics of the song say that there are lots of “red lips, classic thing that you like” and the singer is really just ripping off James Dean. You will also be able to see lots of fog, inexplicable mirrors, strange lightning, — and not much else and this is why the critics say that we’re surprisingly unimpressed. You decide for yourself!


What’s the latest with Taylor?

After super stardom and  massive success in the music industry, Taylor Swift has entered in to the perfume market to test her business skills. She had recently said that the launch of her first perfume collection by the name “Wonderstruck” – a name which has been energized by a song in her latest music album’ the entire fans of Taylor Swift had high hopes with this perfume collection.

As was expected, Taylor Swift the singer looked truly stunning in her brand new music video for ‘Style.’ She was able to rock with multiple different white dresses all of which were ideally suited for the back drop in the visually stunning video.

At the age of 24, she is a modern day fashion icon. Her altogether cool style has always made news in town which translated perfectly into the gorgeous music video for “Style.” The fans love her matching crop top set in the video.

She is a singer who has come up with the new music video for “Style,”. Her first two 1989 videos were more upbeat affairs more accustomed to the playful side of Swift, “Style” which is altogether a different beat depicting the singer in a darker as well as a more abstract, light.



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