The Cheap Jerseys From China Mystery

The 29-year-old Bowman This season is poor in anti-transmission, and when 49 people decided to exercise young players, his appearance time is reduced. But Bowman is a raid person who needs to be upgraded by the Line guard. The raid slap defensive position column alliance bottom.

Richard is usually used to transform the offensive rhythm, or complete the 3-speed short-code conversion. He was 39 times this year, promoted 145 yards, and the ability to catch the Derek Carr has a pass target. Richard was passed down by 43 times this year, and 36 times were completed, and 323 yards were promoted.

Rams Corner Wanjun – Ramsea is fined after the game US Time Saturday, according to ESPN reporters reported that Jalen Ramsey was fined $ 15625 due to the next week. The other side of the fight, the giant portrait Golden Tate is not fined.

Vinton has played in the steel man with the bear team, and there was a race of the old eagle because the leg tenet was hurt. In the last preseason, he participated in 16-speed attack, and was taken as a pass target, but did not complete the ball. When he was in the bear last season, he played 11 games, only completed three battles and advanced 51 yards.

US time on Wednesday, according to nfl Jerseys NetWork reporters, Richard and raid people renewed a $ 2 million contract. After the incentive bonus, the salary can be up to 8 million US dollars, including $ 4.6 million in full guarantee.

Sign back from the side indicates that Mack Hollins’s groin injury still needs to recover for a while. The old eagle coach Doug-Peterson said on Tuesday that Hollins will not play on Thursday, but the injury has nothing to do with his sports hernia accepted in the lift season.

The team officially announced that the extension of the weekend is cut off Markus Wheaton. In order to take a space, the team will be near the end of Richard Rodgers into the injury reserve list. The eagle allows two players to return from the injury reserves list.

The upper limit of the male defensive group decided how powerful this team. After 26.3 points in the first four games, the defensive group “Before the change of pain”, only 11 points in the past three games. In terms of anti-running, defensive coordinator Wade Phillips and his soldiers have only one 85.3 yards in each game after the fifth week, how much is the 5th week? 151.2 yards. In addition, there are many defensive groups in the first two games.

To prevent history from being repeated again, Viking four points Wei Koke Coss, Kirk Cousins ​​knows that he needs to be easily passed to the opponent hand. In the 23-40 losses of Atlanta Falcon, Cousins ​​has three passing.

This is the fifth single game of Cousins ​​Career, at least 3 passes is copied. And he already has two such performances this season. In the 6 games in this season, Coss is already 10 times of passing. Last season, he had only 6 passions in the first 15 games. In the 2017 season, he had 13 passes in 16 games, and it is the most career. In accordance with the current rhythm, Cossus is 26.6 times of passing this season.

“The reality is if I continue to pass on the current rhythm, I may lose the position before the end of the season,” Cousins ​​said. “I may lose the position & mdash; & mdash; do you understand what I mean? I need to have a better performance in some places. Whether they tell me, & lsquo; Hey, we have to make better & rsquo; or they forced me; It is better to show. This is the focus of my remaining competition in the season. Because when you fill the ball, this is really affecting the opportunity you win. I know this. I just have to be A better performance in the rest of the season. “

The competition set Jinli highlights the wonderful performance of Deshaun Watson, DESHAUN WATSON. The other side is optimistic about Russell Wilson, who is annoyed, and is a 452 yards and 4 reachaes, and the ball is 30 yards. Look at this mobile, this unlicy arm, and this can’t be calm and calm. Paul Richardson grabbed the ball in front of the corner to the next Jimmy Glaham (Jimmy Graham). Two glorious four-guards have made a pile of large numbers, contributing to the audience to read the game. The only thing in my mind can be used in this game is the battle between 1986 dolphins and jets. Dan Mrino (Dan Mrino) and Ken O & Rsquo; Brien brought out of 900+ yards, 10 reached, jet 51-45 overtime.

The eagle wins, the ram, the steel man is still in the third. Sunday is a textbook example. It is very well explained why the field is lost, which should be replaced by the number of rating of the defensive group. Every time the lions go deep into the steel person, Ryan Shazier, Wens-Williams, Joe Haden & Hellip; & Hellip; Anyway, someone stands out to let each other Deta hopes to bubble soup. I am very happy that this game didn’t enter the overtime, because I will never have a positive and negative side of the special gold coins.

4 years agoViking people won again, they are quietly completing the process of locking the name of the country. The second line looks still unbreakable. Although the four-point guard opposite the past is the Nicell Trubisky, Brett Hundley, Joe-Epis Joe FLACCO and Destin Kize, but they did not make this 200 yards from anyone here. A few days ago, Matthew Stafford did not pass 200 yards. There is no Dalvin Cook, and it is possible to maintain stable output.

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