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After winning 10 wins and 6-dimensional performance last season and defeated Buffalo and Pittsburgh steel in the playoffs, Shad Khan believes that this is enough to ensure that the triple group continues to bring together team. He also did this, the reason why the Americas is currently in the young, there are many very some players and almost enter the superb bowl for the first time.

The crow has been fully equipped on Saturdays and Sunday, and the defending end Capulon-Lewis-Moore is very unfortunately overclock. In addition, several players left the training, including crow, ASA Jackson, 49 people struggled Adam – Sned (49 people) Tin Taton (Quinton Patton) ). In view of this, the two teams have chosen a more relaxed training on Monday.

Sner said: “I have never stabilized, comfortable to enjoy. This is almost one of my work. Another thing I have been remembering is: Steel candidates are in me. & Hellip; & hellip; this effort It is necessary to work. I feel that even the Natkey is already, it is impossible to do it alone. & Hellip; & hellip; When the chance comes, I want to make it ready. Now I have to do. It is low to continue to work hard. “

At present, the two teams are training in Owings (Owings) near Baltimore. The two teams can train together, they must be attributed to the relationship between the two teams. In fact, the crow’s head coach John Hubv and 49 people were Jim Hubu, a brother. Fortunately, the two teams gadcase, the two coaches are also very satisfied with the current training status.

49 people and crows try no protective gear trainingSan Francisco 49 people and Baltimore Collus tried to train training without protective gear in Monday training. At present, the two teams are satisfied with the training status. After two consecutive days of high-intensity, 49 people and Crows have chosen to shorten the training time to two and a half hours, and the training rhythm is very fast, but no one is injured.

Obviously Marshall hopes to give the opponent a little pressure, in addition to Marshall, the wild horses in Chris Harris Jr.) also said: “He is a good hand, often able to pass a good ball, we know that he left us, I know He wants to win us, but we will use a lot of copying to welcome him. “

Steel man runs Virtual: strive to strive for a big list positionThe steel man has made some adjustments to the running guards this year, allowing James Conner to the team and the first round of Najee Harris, which is the main two steps.

American Tiger and coach, general manager, and executive vice president renewalThe three most important characters of Jacksonville American Tiger are helping the team to enter the United Unitednly championship in the first season, and they have been returned.

Stebler is a player of 4 occupational bowls, nickname “snake”. His 15-year-old career is in 3 teams. In the 1970s, the raid people were his most brilliant period. In 1974 to 1976, he led the ball to the front of the bet, and won the team 11 Super bowl.

Kuflin and Malone have got the current position at the same time last year. Once is the team’s first coach of the team’s first coach to enter the management, and Malone is promoted cheap jerseys from china the temporary coach as a formal coach. At that time, Kadvil was renewed, and the three were originally in the team to serve in the 2019 season.

Most of the players under the next season of the horse will return to the playoffs again, and the team will continue to make them more confident, while Kadvier will continue to enhance the strength of lineup. Cauffen will continue to operate the team.

But Kadville’s work is nothing wrong. His first draft did not bring the team to make the team. That year’s draft players did not have a group to stay in the team. However, in the selection of the selection, he expressed his rebound and selected a number of players who made great contributions last season.

The biggest hero of the American tiger’s salty fish turned over was a Kadville. Since the establishment of the general manager of the United States since 2013, he signed a contract with the free player, especially in the past two offset period, the core player of the Coiter Defense Group.

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