Which BEST FRIEND Recreates the WORST Norris Nuts TIKTOK *Mystery YouTuber Judges* | Rebecca Zamolo Gamemaster videos on WhateverLife

Rebecca Zamolo recreated the Norris Nuts tik toks with her husband Matt and best friend Daniel to see who is the worst in this challenge!

Thank you Norris Nuts!
WHICH KID MAKES THE BEST TIKTOK *Mystery Celebrity Judges* Challenge

Rebecca Zamolo recreated the Norris Nuts tik toks with her husband Matt and best friend Daniel for this fun challenge. Rebecca and Matt are trying to trick the Game Master incorporated by doing a content switch up and pretending to be other youtubers. Today, Rebecca and her bestfriends must hurry to grab their legends diy disguise for each kids tiktok. Matt and Rebecca tried to match outfits so they look like their twins. At the park, the first tiktok they are recreating is Sabre the professional surfer. We all try to learn how to do the choreography in our matching twin outfits. When we do Sockie’s comedy video it’s a fun challenge and hilarious to watch us play the drums and dance. Biggie had the most challenging dance routine and choreography but Daniel did the worst. For the final round we recreate the youngest kid Naz’s tik tok. The outfits are tutus and the boys think it’s the worst. We do a gymnastics dance routine and it turns into a fail. Back at our house the mystery judges are revealed and it’s the Norris Nuts kids. They react to our tik toks and judge which best friend wins each round. Who will they choose as the best and worst tik toker in this challenge? Thanks for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!

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