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Falcon Center Alex – Mac this week is unable to participate in trainingBefore the second super bowl of team history, Atlantian Fematch was carefully treated with the core players of the offensive group.

It is still not a moment that the steel man can celebrate. Even the flying fans of the team will tell you: In Mike Tomlin, the steel man develops “good” habits & mdash; & mdash; if the dolphins faced by the weekend? However, this week’s steel man is still smooth. Sammie Coates caught high-end “home run”, and can also hand slide the simple one code pass. However, near-end-ended Jesse James stood up, every offense after Coates lost, it could complete a reach, ignite the whole game “Hiishi Xi Xi Xi Xi Xi Xi Hes” (Miller )”hymn. (Former steel man near the end Heath Miller has retired for 8 months, but don’t care about this detail.) We have discussed Coates and James. These players, the right cut Chris Hubbard and others have excellent contributions. The jet is thinking of limiting Le & # 39; Veon Bell and Antonio Brown game policy & mdash; & mdash; the next is the seventeen eight fell by others.

The bear announced the dismissal of the offense coordinator Mark Haelfrich, the offensive front line coach Harry-Sistandand, the close-edge coach Kevin Gilbled (Kevin Gilbride) and the special service group Assistant Coach Brock Olivo.

The NFL Foundation has donated $ 50,000 for the victims of the Las Vegas. This fund presided over the Clark County Steve Sisolak, which will provide relief and financial support for the victims of victims in the most serious shooting incident in the American modern history.

External hand Little Audel – Beckham returns to BrownUS Time Saturday, according to NFL NetWork reporters, Little Odel Beckham Jr. will be negatively negatively detected in a row, will participate in this week.

The Falcon is the only one in the same set of 5 people to attack the front line, while Mike is the most important player of this sharp line. Mike is critical to the excellent performance of the Falcon offensive group. He joined the Falcon from Cleveland from Cleveland to Falcon with a 5-year contract before this season.

In the case of coach Matt Nagy, Helfridge became a person who needs to be responsible for the adverse performance of the offensive group. In addition to the four-point position, the bear’s shock attack is poor in most of the season. The offensive front line from the whole season is like a sieve, and the location of the near-end front has been injured.

I won the Sunday night game in the Lanbao Stadium. Is the packaging worker playing very well? No, because Aaron Rodgers is oppositely and several attack stagnation. At the same time, DOM CAPERS’s defensive group performance was stunning, especially after two first angle guards. Look at the historical confrontation of giants and packages (facing cowboy next week, this is very subtle. In the ancient playoffs, giants and packages met in the wholesale Nfl jerseys finals in 1938 and 1939, and then met again in the 1944 finals. Vince Lombardi’s packager was later in the 1961 and 1962 finals again to the giant & mdash; & mdash; he coached the first time I coked NFL team, serving as an offensive coordinator to succeed. The wins in the packaging work. In the past few years, Lombardi came back to Tom Landry and his leading denim challenge in 1966 and 1967, and the packaging workers still won. Lombardi and Landry’s coaches are already a long talk, and Landry has been a giant’s defensive coordinator, and Lombardi has been controlling the offense of packages. I can’t help it!

The bear offensive group returned in the 2019 season, and the four-point Wei Mi Trubisky was poor in most competitions in the season. He completed 63.2% of the passed, and 17 times of 10 times of passage were copied, and the quarter-off guards were divided into 83. Originally he is looking forward to progress by the team, but his retreat is worrying.

If the Mike’s ankle has not recovered, he will give him a stupid behavior. That’s why there is a one-week break between the Super Bowl and the Federation. Everyone wants the best and healthier players to appear on the most important stage.

Showtime! Showtime! Showtime! Important things say three times. Tevin Coleman (mixed promotion 163 yards) and Devonta Freeman (123 yards) are rotated under the defensive of wild horses, jumping, I don’t stop. They are like William Andrews and Gerald Riggs around 1983. Too long? Ok, it’s better to come to the point, or in this partition: Remember the Warrick Dunn and Mike Alstott in Tony Dungy’s pirate team? Is it difficult to block? The falcon controlled the full game of the Malaysia, part of the Kyle Shanahan’s thoughts of the tactics. In the past two weeks, the Falcon has taken 71 points in two super bowls last year.

The fifth week of the NFL regular seasonIn the fifth week, the eagle and the wild horses were broken into the golden body, and the Viking people still did not have an enemy; Braddy’s strong returns coincided with Brown all sent “fifth” quarter-off; the black panther still is still hard to find One victory, now I have begun to discuss the premise of the line. In addition to the battles on the field, this week also began to pay attention to the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and the players will wear pink accessories and pass through A series of events appeal to everyone to pay attention to women’s health. Breast cancer is a big killer of female health, must be diligent. May breast cancer away from everyone.

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